Information regarding Coronavirus

Corona virus: Hertz introduces extra cleaning routines

For many, the rental car may now be perceived as a safer travel alternative than other modes of transport where there are groups of people gathered at one time. At the same time, Hertz is changing and upgrading its procedures to prevent and reduce the risk of infection from the car to a minimum.

- The fact that people in general travel less affects us too. There are fewer travelers coming to Norway and fewer traveling out of Norway. We now see that domestic air traffic is also affected to a greater extent than before. What we think may happen is an increase in the number of customers who want to rent a car to be able to travel alone and avoid large crowds, says Trygve Simonsen, CEO of Hertz Norway.

Good routines today

The number of infected increases and Norway is affected as the rest of the world by the Coronavirus. Norwegians travel less, have a greater degree of home office, hold meetings via digital platforms and avoid meetings that are not critically important.

- We regard it as part of our corporate social responsibility to help prevent and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. The virus can live for many hours on different contact surfaces. We have good cleaning routines today, but now wash over all contact points such as steering wheel, gear, dashboard, display, glass surfaces, handles, seat belts, seat belt attachments, keys, an extra round of our already good cleaning agents - we also use anti-bacterial and disinfectant where possible. In addition, we review all other contact points the customers have with us, at our locations and other related material, ‚ÄĚsays Simonsen.

The likelihood has increased, and so Hertz also has a readiness to quarantine a car if it turns out that it has been leased to a person who is later proven to be infected.

- Hertz is by far Norway's largest car rental company with approx. 10,000 cars on Norwegian roads. This means that we have a special responsibility on behalf of our industry. The corona virus requires a social endeavor where everyone must contribute, and we who live by the fact that people travel have a special responsibility, says Trygve Simonsen in Hertz.

Among other things, Hertz introduces the following routines:

  • All contact surfaces in the car such as steering wheel, gear, dashboard, display, handle, seat belt attachment, car keys, etc., must be washed an extra round with our preparations
  • Water / soap / cloth should be changed frequently
  • Disposable paper should be disposed of properly
  • All affected contact surfaces should be wiped over with a lasting preparation when transporting and parking the vehicle.
  • All keys must be wiped off before re-checking with, using detergent or antibac
  • Disposable gloves should be used in the preparation process
  • Twice during a regular shift (08-16) wash all contact surfaces in the counter with soap and water or other anti-bacterial / disinfectant